How it Works


Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors was formed to provide confidential one-time emergency assistance to Windham residents experiencing a critical need for fuel. Neighbors will help direct individuals to appropriate long term resources and promote a culture of neighbors helping neighbors.


Everybody needs help at one time or another.


Step One
Do you live in Windham?
Step Two
Did you call 211 to learn about other state and local agencies
to help you first?
Step Three
Are you critically low on heating fuel?



Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors assists with one-time delivery of fuel.  We have companies that will deliver to your home. If you need heating oil, we will ask for the location of your fill pipe. This is the same for KI and propane. If you use wood as your primary source of heat, we will supply Bio-Bricks after an inspection is completed by the Windham Fire Department. We can help facilitate this.

Step Four
Call a person on the Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors contact list to start the process to determine your potential eligibility.
Step Five
If you have been approved for emergency assistance, Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors will provide help. You should seek long-term assistance from then on from other state and local agencies.
Step Six
No repayment is expected, but when you situation allows you to, you can contribute in some way to our ongoing activities.


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